An Analysis Of Gustave Dore's Little Red Riding Hood

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Lane Brown Gannon Catalyst 110 09/18/2016

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The fairy tale “ Little Red Riding Hood” has been told in many different ways with different endings which showcase the different agendas by authors. Ranging
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The first part of Red that the viewer notices is in fact her eyes which are wide open absorbing all of her surroundings and the wolf. The detail that her eyes are open is important to note because rather than being frightful of the situation and blind to the wolf’s needs she is open to the situation as she is manipulated into fulfilling the wolf’s needs. Also, her hair has been well taken care of which shows how cared for she actually is. The fact that Dore took extra care into how intricately Red’s hair is detailed is a point to why men and the wolf use lush items to seduce and manipulate women. They use lush items because Dore believes that women are observant of lush and rich items , and the items comfort women. Also, she is climbing in the bed, but she is still apprehensive towards the wolf. This detail about Little Red Riding Hood is important because despite her objections toward the wolf he is still able to pull her into his trap. The details of Little Red Riding Hood show how Dore asserts that men are justified in manipulating women to feed the male’s animalistic needs. The next detail in Dore’s lithograph is in fact Red’s counterpart--the …show more content…
The first thing that you notice about the wolf is the fact that he is wearing a bonnet in order to attempt a disguise. This shows how the wolf is willing to be as deceptive as possible to get what he wants from Little Red Riding Hood. Also, the fact that he is wearing a bonnet shows that he did in fact use the grandmother to satisfy himself as he had to undress her to be wearing her clothes. The next thing you notice is the fact that the wolf is lacking in disguise as the largest features of him are sticking out. His snout is showing which allows Red to see what a malicious creature he really is. The next piece of the wolf showing is his paws which signify what an animalistic creature he really is. The importance that Gustave Dore places on the features of the wolf is that they are animalistic to show why men and the wolf are one in the same. The fact he places emphasis on them being animalistic points to the fact that men in their most instinctual being are animalistic. This comparison of the wolf and man shows how men are animals. The assertion of Dore’s is that men need to fulfill their instinctual desires which are eat and feed their sexual hunger. This ideology of Gustave Dore further leads into his assertion that men are justified in their manipulation of women to feed their animalistic

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