Essay The Colonization Of Latin America

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Latin America has faced unusual growing pains during its course of history. Its destination of independence from European control was recognized and was hastily sought after at the onset of the nineteenth century. The people of Latin America would bring to fruition many of the very first constitutional republics that the world had seen with such racially and cultural diverse populations. A sense of nationalism was cultivated not along the lines of social status or race as we have seen elsewhere. Instead determined in the unusual manner of birth origin. The most important question would become where were you born and hopefully it was the Americas.

Continued fighting on the continent of Europe led many nations to be drained of both monetary and human assets. In Spain there were many issues that plagued the Spanish colonist in Latin America. Firstly the incapable king known as Carlos IV allowed the nation to fall into disarray with his near absent rule. He allowed his ministry rule the kingdom in a bureaucratic manner that lead to serious financial implications in the country. This along with sustained land wars led the nation to bankruptcy and higher taxes on citizens who already struggled to feed themselves much less support a war effort. In addition to this Spain faced the British Navy during the 1790’s, which greatly curtailed trade with its Latin American Colonies forcing the colonies to become ever more self-reliant.

The rebellion movements grew in the…

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