Essay about The Collector, Clegg And Miranda

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An authentic character as described by John Fowles is one who “does not run away from the nauseas (the fear and hatred of things, the anxieties and pressures of life), but [solves] them in some way.” The two characters in Fowles novel The Collector, Clegg and Miranda represent the two types of people in the world: the Few and the Many. Fowels describes the Few and the Many in an interview. He uses the ideas of Heracleitus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, who claims “the Few were the good, the intelligent, the independent; the Many were the stupid, the ignorant, and the easily molded … the proper attitude of the Few to the Many is pity, not arrogance”. Fowles novel describes the events that they undergo and the way character either overcomes or succumbs to the events in their lives. Both Miranda and Clegg face hazards as they grow up, but they both deal with the hazards of their past differently. Clegg fails to learn and change and become an authentic one of the Many, Miranda does change indicating she is in the process of becoming an authentic individual as one of the Few. Miranda positively changes her views on class, and sex; while Clegg, if anything remains the same, if not worse. Neither Clegg nor Miranda’s life was perfect growing up, they both had challenges and it is because challenges that become hazards that lead them to becoming the characters that they are now. Miranda describes Clegg’s childhood as, “[h]e has never had any parents, he’s been brought up by an…

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