The Cold War And The Soviet War Essay

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The Cold War was a state of political tension between the Eastern bloc (Soviet Union and its allies) and the Western bloc (US and its NATO allies). The war took place after the 2nd world war. The war involved indirect fight between the two blocs. The major wars during the cold war were witnessed in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Korea which the two blocs supported. The Cold War led to the emergence of capitalist U.S. and communist USSR as the two world superpowers with profound political and economic differences (Northrup, 2011). Their different economic systems have had enormous impacts to themselves and the rest of the world during the Cold War.
Suspicious relations between the USSR Union and the US caused the Cold War. Before the start of the Cold War, the USSR and U.S relations had experienced strains for long. The World War II wartime alliance between the U.S. and the USSR were based on a common enemy though the relationship wasn’t a genuine friendship. Their relations declined between 1945 and 1949 following a series of pronouncements and events by the two against each other.
The tension between the Soviet Union and U.S. was driven by race for nuclear supremacy after the Second World War. The Soviet Union claimed to have discovered her first nuclear device. The U.S. claimed new advantage over Soviet Union when it discovered the hydrogen bomb in 1952. Soviet Union made theirs in less than a year. As a result, the U.S. avoided challenging China and the Soviet Union…

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