The Cold War And The Soviet Union Essay

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The cold war was an intense battle for supremacy between to former allies, the united states and the soviet union. It involved a continuing state of political conflict, military and econmic tension. Althought the participants never clashed directly, they conflict through millitary coalitions, espionage, propaganda, a nuclear arms race, and technological competion such as the space race
The space race was a 20th century competition between two cold war rivals, the united states, and the soviet union, for supremacy in spaceflight capabilitity. Most americans remember or were taught that, the soviet union put the first aritficial satellite in orbit, but it was the united states nasa program that put the first man on the moon, what many fail to realize and remember is that during the cold war,the soviet union was also responsible for the first spacewalk of a living animal, put the first man into orbit and the first woman, achieved the first space walk, and put a multimanned capsule in space. The space race can be seen as a part of the the larger arms race, as developments in space research could could easily be transferred into military research. As both superpowers scampered to sacrifice money and leaves to this cause, the soviets seemed to be leagues ahead of the unitted states

This race can trace its origins back to geremany. Beginning in the 1930’s and continuing during world war 2 when nazi germany researched and built operational balistic missiles. German aerospace…

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