The Cocaine Cowboys Documentary About Drugs Essay

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The Cocaine Cowboys documentary about drugs, more specifically drug use, drug trafficking, drug smuggling and money laundry in the 1960s and onward highlight specific issues the government has with the infamous war on drugs. Since there was no border control or patrol, as stated by the documentary, drugs came in and out of the harbor in Florida. In 1956, Miami was a quiet. The documentary stated that one police car patrolled Miami at night. There was “no money, no buildings, it was like down south”. However, during the 1960s and 70s, Spanish influences increased significantly in Miami. Spanish speaking people and their culture began to shape Miami. Miami went from a quiet “suburban area” to a club and/or party city. It was stated that “everyone was doing coke in the 70s”. This just goes to show how drugs can easily change and influence areas, people, societies, crime and /or government law enforcement systems.
Moreover, in “The Five Wars of Globalization” Moisés Naím states, “The illegal trade in drugs, arms, intellectual property, people and money is booming. Like the war on terrorism, the fight to control these illicit markets pits governments against agile, stateless, and resourceful networks empowered by globalization”. Naím explains how drugs and the sale of drugs can not only affect the people but also the whole society and government. It’s hard to but borders on people that does not have any kind of boundaries. In the Cocaine Cowboys, it started off with two Latina…

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