Organized Crime In The 1920's

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The scene is 1920 and prohibition just went into effect, police and protesters are storming the streets searching for every last drop of alcohol, in another town illegal bootleggers, such as the mafia, are gathering up 100 gallons of illegal whiskey to sell to the public at the highest cost its ever been. These were the kind of scenes that played out in towns all over America, in the height of the Prohibition era, the steaks were high, but the payout of illegal booze was higher. Its a far cry from what it was, but the crime didn't stop, if anything it turned crime into a business. Just like the infamous mafia groups in the heart of the prohibition era in the 1920's, drug cartels today supply the the demand for illegal substances all over the world. The induction …show more content…
The war over alcohol lasted 13 years but the criminal activity didn't stop there. Even though there are similarities, technology changed organized crime into something criminals of the early 19th century couldn't even imagine. Not only do they dodge the police everyday, but they have enough money to pay scientist to keep up with the latest FBI tactics. The people that enter the organized crime business of today don't do so because they can't go to college and get a real education, but because the life of crime provides the quickest means of power and money. These aren't just small illegal networks, they have expanded to much larger and more powerful entities. They supply the demand for illegal goods all over the world connecting through top secret internet zips and even through undetectable satellites (Bjelopera). Without a doubt, organized crime has taken the world by storm, doesn't matter if it's the mafia of the 20's or drug cartels of today, it has changed our society in more ways than one. No matter what crime will always be around, the need to do bad things just comes naturally to some, it's like it's hard wired into some of us. If there is a demand there

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