The Co Op, And Which Supermarket? What Are Their Reasons For Their Choices?

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Which groups does it seem are in favor of the co-op, and which supermarket? What are their reasons for their choices?
The group in favor of the co-op is the upper class who favors healthy food versus the people from the lower class who prefer cheaper food. Since the upper class is more educated, they are taking into account the health of their body’s as oppose to the less educated people which are generally lower class. These differences reflect a contrast from a philosophical perspective in terms of health vs cost. Upper class favor a the co-op because they will be able to get more organic food while the lower class believes that there will be limited options of food in the co-op and therefore force them to pay higher costs for these products.
What is the conflict within the black community regarding class identity and racial identity, and does that conflict exist in any other ethnic group in the US or in your area?
The African American middle class people are either ignored or looked down upon by the dominant culture. White people, for example, will show a form of aversive racism by giving compliments such as “you write so well” or “you’re not like the other black people” which demonstrates the social inequality of the differences between their classes, despite the fact that they might be in the same economic class. In terms of racial identity, members of the African American community who are middle class may face backlash by lower class African Americans. Middle…

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