The Classroom Is An Issue Of Poor Behavior On Behalf Of Her Students

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Maggie believes that her main problem in the classroom is an issue of poor behavior on behalf of her students. She spends the majority of her time in the classroom rebuking the actions of different students who are not focused, noting that “the students seem[ed] to be even less cooperative when [she] most needed them to stay on task.” (p. 17) Her students are frequently milling about the room, and are seldom focused on the tasks she assigns to them. As a result of this, she fears taking them beyond the school grounds on a nature walk, as she is afraid of taking unruly students beyond the classroom based in an experience from her time spent substitute teaching. Maggie does not understand why her students misbehave in her class but are diligent in art class, and assumes that it is because they simply enjoy art.
In reality, Maggie’s issue goes beyond disruptive students. Over the course of the school day highlighted in this particular piece, Maggie makes a number of empty threats to her students, including working during recess and taking away free time. Additionally, she blatantly scolds her students when they do not abide by the classroom rules, as demonstrated when Emanual forgets his book and she quips to him “What good will it do you in your cubby? What have you been doing all this time? Emanual, you know that one of our class rules is ‘Be prepared,’ but you’re not, are you?” (p. 18) Maggie is excellent at attempting to use punishment as a repercussion for poor behavior in…

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