The Classic Stages Of Life Essay

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We as human go through different stages in our lifetime. We face many greater things/ opportunities and as well as the many obstacles that some time prevent us from reaching our destination, but at the same time we must try to cope with every situation that we might come across. In addition, we as human life per time clock. We do plan our live and as well as our future per what we see around us without thinking about what the possibilities and the downfalls. As we grow older we tend to see few things differently and try to create solutions to things that do not make sense. I personally like this theory because it talks about the stage of life. "The Classic stage theory" mainly focused on how children go through stage by stage. in which I think it was a good example. I have a 4-year-old nephew how is now learning how to play piano. when my nephew was one year, he would love to listen to music and he would dance. To us, we thought it was normal; however, we did not know how much that music was impacting his life. " Imagine a girl when she is 4-month-old and again she is 4 years old. If your sense is that these two versions of the same child are fundamentally different in kind, with different intellectual capacities, different emotional structures, or different ways if perceive others, you are thinking like a stage theory (Broderick and Bewitt, 2015, p.8). This theory exemplifies how children 's brain develops with time and as well as with the things that they are being…

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