Essay The Civil War : The United States

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The civil war was one of the most intense and destructive wars the U.S have ever experienced, the war left over 640,000 soldiers dead, 476,000 wounded and 400,000 missing, this resulting in about 2% of the population dead. Whilst the war brought violence and destruction it also resolved two important questions that were unable to be resolved by the revolution these include; weather the United States was going to be made up of many independent states or a united nation with an independent government, and weather the United States was going to remain as the largest slaveholding country. Before the war the division between the north and south was a rising problem, which reached its peak at the outbreak war, the division was based around the different opinions on slavery, the election Of Abraham Lincoln And the Kansas Nebraska act 1854.
In order to completely understand the civil war one must take into account and examine the different viewpoints and factors that originally caused division between the states.
In 1850 the Republican Party did not exist but in actual fact the two parties where called the Whigs and the democrats the failure of this 2nd party system was at the centre of increasing tensions between the north and south and later resulting in the birth of the Republican Party. Such collapse was due to the Kansas Nebraska act 1854 introduced by a democratic senator from Illinoi named Stephan A Douglas. The act was brought about due to The Missouri compromise 1820 which…

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