The Civil War On Drugs Essay

1136 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
War has decorated and engraved itself throughout history, whether it be political, religious, civil, or even worldwide. Four decades ago, on the 17th of July 1971, former President, Richard Nixon declared war, but not on another country, but instead on something one can explain as an addiction or a reoccurring problem. President Nixon declared what became the war on drugs, a war that has been raging on for the past four decades and has failed to become victorious. Former U.S. Congressman, Ron Paul once said, “When you actually study the beginnings of the federal war on drugs, you uncover a history of lies, bigotry, and ignorance so extensive it will leave you speechless” (“The Revolution” 127). The war on drugs, producing a handful of outcomes, mainly negative, has shown light on an issue that is incapable of being defeated. For instance, as a nation that prides itself on being a land of the free, America now leads every other nation with the highest incarceration rate, also America has now embedded itself with more national debt, and lastly, encouraging incarceration is no way to win this so called war. As a nation that stands for freedom and bravery, America has claimed the top spot of the highest incarceration rate and the highest number of incarcerations throughout the world, this in part is mainly due to the increase and harshness of the drug policies implemented due to the war on drugs. While the United States has about five percent of the world 's population,…

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