Essay about The Civil War And American History

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The Civil War was one of the biggest upsets in American history. The Civil War started in 1861 and ended in 1865 with the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. This war was fought between the Southern and Northern states over four years and is known as the “bloodiest four years in U.S. history” (PBS). The Northern and Southern states were split by the Mason- Dixon line that ran between Maryland and the Pennsylvania territory. White southerners called the Civil War the "war between the states," or "the war for southern independence," even "the war of northern aggression." White northerners on the other hand called it the "war of the rebellion" or "war of secession" (McCARDELL). The key issues that caused conflict between the North and South during that Civil War were the economic and social differences between the North and the South, the fight between slave and non-slave state proponents, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.
One of the causes of the Civil War was the social and economic issues that the North and South had between each other. One conflict that they had was the South invented the cotton gin. The invention of the cotton gin led to the use of more slaves (Top Five Causes of the Civil War). The cotton gin decreased production time, increasing the profits that plantation owners were able to amass. The decreased processing time allowed for bigger crop plantations, keeping up with the demand of cotton but increasing the number of slaves needed in order to to…

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