The Civil War And American History Essay

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The civil war was probably one of the most deadliest battles in American history, but what could of brought people to such hatred towards each other? Many things have been accused of causing the civil war like Uncle Tom 's Cabin or the Dred Scott decision, but at the top of the list is slavery, which effected economic, social, and political stability of the country.
The North is more industrialized than the south, hence why they wanted higher tariffs so that they could compete with foreign nations. While the South was more agricultural and many owned plantation growing cotton. They preferred lower tariffs so that they could buy and sell to foreign nations. Congress passed the Tariff of 1828 which protected northern industries, but the southerners feared it would raise the cost of everything and called is the Tariff of Abominations. The South 's response to the tariff was the "Nullification Crisis" , but the both of these show that the north and the south passed "laws" to protect them and hurt the other.
Every time the U.S. gained territory the question of slavery would arise. Both North and South wanted the balance in government to favor them, but not lean towards the other to much. The Mexican secession is a great example because majority of people who fought the Mexican War were southerners hoping to spread westward with slavery. With the fear that slavery might spread a antislavery democrat David Wilmot proposed a bill saying that slavery wouldn’t be allowed in new…

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