Essay on The Civil Rights Movement

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I was born in 1965 in the deep south right at the epicenter of the civil rights movement. At the tender age of four my uncle and I have a call and response routine down. He would, "What do you want?. And I would reply, "I want my freedom, now!" Cute for a four-year potentially deadly for a twenty-four-year-old in that racially charged time. I never felt I was limited by the color of my skin. I grew up in the church. I had hoped the church was the answer to all the racial tensions in the world. God moved me at a very early age to be a pastor. God also has a sense of humor, he called to be a pastor in a church body that is one the least diverse church bodies in America. Still I had hope that would not matter.

During my years at the seminary, some comments came my way which struck me as odd at the time but I was determined this was my path so I ignored them. However, one keeps playing in my head. "Your career in this church body will be limited by your marriage." I should give that statement some context, you see my wife is of German-Prussian decent and my ancestor came from mother Africa. That statement did not angry me, it motivated me. You see in my history if you really want to inspire me to tell me I can 't do it, tell me it is too hard for me, tell me now one like me has ever done it before, then stand back and see what God does through me. It was an easy road by any means. My desire was to serve college students, they have a true hunger and thirst for…

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