The Civil Of Atlanta, Georgia And Compton, Los Angeles Essay

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A Consumers Republic talks about mass suburbia with readings about the social and economic status that came with living in the suburbs. The chapter also speaks of keeping people of a certain economic or social class together in the late 1950s, while making sure not to let others in who could disrupt the white suburbia. Two major cities, Atlanta, Georgia and Compton, Los Angeles, were cities that both experienced “ White Flight” and the effects following soon after. In the 1950s, Compton was a white middle class inner city, and almost thirty years later the city was over run by drugs and controlled by many dangerous gangs. The same could be said about Atlanta, where African Americans are still feeling the effects of whites moving to the suburbs. Fulton County, in the City of Atlanta, is one of the most dangerous cities in the entire state. One wrong turn while driving could lead down to an unsafe neighborhood. Over the course of 70 years the African American population has nearly tripled in Fulton County. In Fulton County, since a majority of the population that lives in downtown Atlanta are poor, they try to survive anyway they can. People do rash things such as sell drugs or steal in order to survive. Children raised in these communities are shown that this is the life they will always live, which results in either jail or death. It’s a circle that keeps spinning even till this day.
Although many African Americans in Atlanta are in poverty, many have been fortunate…

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