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Cisco Systems Incorporated is a networking equipment company that was founded in San Francisco, California. It is found in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100, and the S&P 500. Cisco is also the largest networking company. Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner founded it in December in 1984.When it was created; the technologies that Cisco was using were bizarre at the time, and not many people had ever heard of fit before. The current CEO of Cisco is Chuck Robbins. Cisco Systems has a large group of subsidiaries so attached is a link with all the subsidiaries: ( Cisco is in the networking equipment industry meaning that it produces equipment in a technological
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Some of the major products are analytics and automation software, switches, and their phones. Lots of their phones can be in seen in movies, shows, businesses, offices, schools, and even hospitals. Another widespread product of Cisco’s is their router. They have multiple types of routers but many are used throughout buildings to spread the Internet connection. One of their other main products is Cisco Collaboration; this is a video conferencing application where you can share media and messages while talking to others. Many businesses use this as a reliable way to hold video-conferences. Other products of theirs are Blade Switches, video surveillance software, Data Center Switches, Cisco ONE Software; which is a way to buy software, and storage networking. While Cisco does produce many products it also has a variety of services within it such as a Contact Center for customer collaboration, Application Networking Services, and a Data Center Automation; which helps with IT problems and helps provide structure and directives. Cisco is widely known for its easy to use video conferencing, telephone communications, routers, and security systems. It vitalizes the Internet and helps businesses and companies get a better ability to connect with the people they need to. They have a fairly high number of employees at 71,883 people. This year their net …show more content…
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The stock has increased over the past five years, there have been some minor and some major drops here and there, but looking at the beginning of 2012 and the end of 2016 the stock has increased over 70 percent. The lowest the stock has been in the past 52 weeks was 30.32 and the highest was 30.77. As of this date the stock is at 30.68. There have been no stock splits in Cisco’s history.
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Most analysts suggest either buying the stock, and if you have the stock keeping it and not selling it. Other analysts say to not buy, but still suggest that if you have it you should keep it.
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