The Circle By Dave Eggers

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Summary of “The Circle by Dave Eggers” till page 385 Book 2, Part 1
The book “The Circle” describes about the Mae Holland, who works a full-time employee at the circle. It was stated that, 90% of Washington had gone transparent, and Mae has 2.1 million followers with a top 10 rank. In this book 2, Mae was given an assignment to broadcast the Stenton’s new aquarium, which feeds shark. The chosen aquarium is transparent to view the shark and its food consumption. As the shark feeding was coming down, Mae’s secret agent Kalden moving around the door way and performs frequent monitors her through the office. Soon after Mae gets a call from Kalden, that he had blocked her audio recorder. This is considered as an ending scenario
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I will watch the Annie socioeconomic conversation same like Mae’s to know what going on, what I can for that and what would the people expect from me, and so on, I could balance the stress by knowing few things. I could inspire and motivate myself by listening few things thing specified by the younger generation in the Aspirant session. I could know statistics and represent to point out them graphically, and track the details. The pros and cons involved are we can determine the participation, we could regulate the skills and eager to help the individuals, analytical skills can be known, new ideas, strategies and implementations can be known to achieve success, the view of the individuals or their perspective and level of thinking, concentration, hard work can be determined even in many disturbance and facts must be considered to analyze …show more content…
Mae’s parents later feel that the privacy invaded by these cameras in their home. It provides live streaming of both public and private information. The doctor had presented the idea of fixing the camera into the Mae’s parents’ house by considering her father health and treatment. There were four cameras’ fixed in the house and Mae watches the signs of her parents through cameras. She went to home, after expecting that there is issue with cameras and noticed that they are not working due some sort of misunderstanding. Mae’ and her father checked the camera batteries as they are working properly or not. Her parents agreed with the Mae’s argument as these cameras are require and complimented her power of logic and persuasion. By the end of that discussion, Mae gave a toast to her parents and also to thousands of people. They were having toast and thinking about their response to the message which might take around 1min for thousand people it might take 1000 minutes. They were thinking for this for sixteen hours and sounded as ungrateful for them. They slowly started complaining about the people who care them and forward their best wishes through prayer. They thought that there is no necessity to message or email them just closing their eyes and felt that remembering the good

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