Essay on The Chosen : Hasidism, A Way Of Life

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The Chosen: Hasidism, A Way of Life
“Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength” (Hasidic Proverb). People need to accept and support other people 's’ choices in life. Each person has several choices in their lives, some people need a great deal of help others do not. Some people receive help from their family, others have some pressure. As portrayed in numerous Hasidic families, the rebbe and his son have conflict understanding each other. The conflict applies to Danny Saunders and his father Reb Saunders. The Chosen, one of Chaim Potok 's novels, reveals Hasidism through the rebbe, their history of coming to America, and the tzaddik, which creates the main theme of father and son relationship.
In order to understand and fully appreciate The Chosen, one must understand the foundation of Hasidism. Hasidism is the most conservative sect of Judaism. In the Five Major Beliefs of Hasidic Judaism, describes the beliefs and where they came from. The Hasidic belief started from the Orthodox Jews, in the eighteenth century. They believe in the Torah, which is the first five books of Moses (Gabriel). Hasidism developed in Eastern Europe, in the late eighteenth century. Also, Hasidism started and focused mostly around the smaller and poorer Jewish communities which made it harder for the new faith to spread to other people. The Hasidic way of life has deep with meaning and has strict rules and a strong…

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