The Chinese Cold War And Chinese Revolution Essay

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During the Chinese Cold War and Chinese Revolution, multiple leaders had contradicting opinions of how to rule the country. Revolutionary leader, Mao Zedong, once said,” The ultimate perspective of the Chinese Revolution is not capitalism but socialism and communism” (N.pag.).Throughout his education, Mao Zedong believed that communism could help China grow stronger, and he also saw the importance of all people during revolutions (Zedong N.pag.). Mao wanted the Chinese Government to become communist, but his early attempts ended up forcing him into hiding. As the Japanese imperialist forces began to push into China, Mao and his forces were called on to help stop the invasion (Biography N.pag.). After defeating the Japanese imperialist, a revolution occurred in China resulting in Mao taking power. During the Chinese Cold War, a fight for power led to a new era in Chinese history under Mao Zedong’s leadership and social influence.
Throughout his childhood, Mao Zedong dealt with obstacles that Chinese peasants encountered. Being born into a wealthy peasant family, Mao learned that life isn’t fair. When Mao was thirteen, he had to leave school to provide support for his family (Gifford 26). While Mao had worked on his farm, conditions would get so bad that Mao would have to go to the local library just to keep warm (Gifford 26). Mao never had a close relationship to his parents, and they arranged a marriage for him it was rejected. After working four years, Mao decided to…

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