Essay about The Child And Welfare System

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In my current position I work with families who have experienced complex trauma. They are referred to us after they have had an open case with the Department of Children and Family Services or through the Department of Probation. They can have the added stressful component of having a judge involved in the decision making in their family if they have an open court case. Their entry into the Child And Welfare system is usually for the identified youth or youths in the house. However, the trauma usually stems from generations of neglect and abuse that have been continuous in the history of the family. When reading the initial enrollment packets you can ascertain that the abuse has happened to the grandmother and then the child and now the grandchild. This is not an anomaly.
In the child welfare system there has been an increase of grandparents taking care of their grandchildren as primary caregivers because the parents are not able to do so due to their own trauma. I have two families that immediately come to mind that are an example of this. I have a couple of Grandparents taking care of two grandchildren who have been sexually abused by their own daughter who was also abused as a child. The entire family is in denial of the trauma that has occurred in the house. They deal with the grandkids as if they are just bad children acting out. They give them consequences and restrictions regularly because the children are behaving badly daily without stopping to deal with the…

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