The Cherokee Removal : Book Review Essay

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The Cherokee Removal, Book Review
In 1000 A.D. Cherokee tribes picked a different, and equal diet of corn, vegetables, and meat. during that, English were eating rough bread, and beer. Cherokee Houses depend on many buildings around a small square with huge four-sided wooden homes for harvest, and tiny circular homes with deep mud walls for winter.
Families had many descents existing together like mothers, daughters, husbands, and virgin sons. Community-based on their relationship with their mothers. This is mean that the family was defined by who the mother was, the Farming was in every house had a small field beside the house, but greatest amount came from open fields where all females worked collectively.
Collectively houses made strong communities with a great circle village house or assembly house that seated the whole tribes, communities were typically up to a hundred of people. Choices did by agreement some ideas considered more slowly than others meant on age and condition, but all could talk.
The people of the Cherokee community was larger than 40,000 before Europeans settlers carried epidemics like smallpox, typhus, and measles. At 1700 there were only 17,000 Cherokees they had lost many Important elders like the leaders of the tribes, their experience, and education. In extension, their faith in a peaceful world was threatened.
First, communicate with Europeans about 1700 was about the main business deerskins, fight convicts for slavery in trade for guns,…

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