Essay about The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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2.) There is a lot of tension in society towards police and the power they have. Citizens also have rights, and these rights need to be balanced with police authority to ensure order and catch criminals. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a major influence on police power. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms impacts police powers by allowing the accused to challenge the actions of the police if their rights have been violated. It makes sure that there are some limits to what the police can do. There are rules set in place so that the accused are not violated and are treated fairly to an extent. The charter impacts how the police carry out their duties. The charter protects people against the power of the police. Without it, the police could carry out their actions in whatever form they wish, which would cause chaos. With rules set in place, the police have a limit to the force they can use depending on the situation. It gives the accused a chance to prove himself if they are not guilty, and gives them the right to express themselves if they were treated unfairly. Even though it has impacted police power, it has given the police the right to use a warrant to get DNA from the suspect, and to use force. “Police officers now have to clearly outline why they have conducted a search without a warrant, as warrant-less searches have been declared unreasonable. Another restriction relates to the investigative strategy of placing an undercover officer in a cell to get evidence…

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