The Characters Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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First, let’s start with the character of Hamlet. In the beginning of this play, Shakespeare paints a very detailed picture of Hamlets character. At first glance, we see Hamlet as a restless young man who is drowned in sorrow. Shakespeare describes him as a man with “a pale face, tousled hair and brooding eyes”. Hamlet plays a very dark character, which at times is spontaneous in his actions. The reason for his morning is over the death of his father, whom he cannot forget. Hamlets grief is even more intensified by the lack of care of those around him ( Not only his father, but the act of betrayal by Gertrude also seems to destroy his emotions ( Throughout the story, we see much of Hamlets respect towards his father. Once, his father’s ghost reveals the dark secret to him, Hamlet feels responsible to set right his father’s death. In other words, Hamlet feels like he must avenge his father’s death. He changes others expectations of and never acts with a predictable response to his own emotions or the expectations of other characters ( Hamlet’s pessimism also begins to affect his relationship with others and becomes a large part of his character ( Hamlet is also contemplative and almost obsessive with respect to details. For example, although Hamlet believes that Claudius murdered his father, he goes to great lengths to investigate his suspicion in order to confirm it, and he sets up…

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