Essay on The Character Of Olaudah Equiano And Omar Ibn Seid

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Stripped From Dignity Much of America’s current society is unaware of the cruelty era that American ancestors walked upon. It is to no surprise that African Americans have been discriminated for centuries and it wasn’t till recent years that their enslavement was abolished. Yet little did we know of the inhumanity conditions that they overcame. It wasn’t until historians dug up the muddy truth that we Americans can know value and honor those slaves who gave us their living story inside the American nightmare.
A counted number of slaves had the opportunity to narrate their life and gift historians with this valuable jewel. Two of the most known biographies are that of Olaudah Equiano and Omar ibn Seid. Both men were of educated families, living a glorious and peaceful life, yet unaware that destiny was going to play a foul game on them. They were torn away from the serenity and love of their family. On an unforgettable day, Olaudah Equiano remembers that his family went to work, his sister and him stayed home. Suddenly, they were snatched from their home, never to see each other again. Equiano was a child when he taken into slavery, torn from his family. As he lived thru the slave trade he learned that the white people gave them no greater valued than that of labor livestock and that these “people” had no respect for God or his creations. On the other hand we have Omar ibn Seid’s biography which tells us that he was a mature man when he was taken into slavery.…

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