The changing American Family Essay

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“The Changing American Family”: A Sociological View

The families in America are steadily changing. While they remain our most valued and consistent source of strength and comfort, some families are becoming increasingly unstructured. In the past, the typical family consists of a working father, a stay at home mother and, of course, well-rounded children. Today, less than 20 percent of American families fit nicely into this cookie cutter image. American households have never been more diverse. Natalie Angier takes stock of the changing definition of family in an article for the New York Times.
A family is seen as a group of people who are biologically or psychologically related. They connect on historical, emotional
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Natalie states, “researchers determined that even when all of the family members were at home and awake together, they were in the same room only 14 percent of the time.” She continues to say this is due to, “American families are outliers in their fixation on children’s needs and children’s success.” When both parents are concerned with work they become withdrawn from what is going on in their children’s lives. All family members become independent from one another. Therefore the dual career family consists of both parents working, which creates an independent dynamic for the children.
Moving to a different type of family, Natalie introduces what is known as same sex families. In particular, she focuses on a male same sex marriage. If the genders are taken out of the equation, then this family fits perfectly into the nuclear family type, which is a married couple with children. On top of that they are cookie cutter typical because one parent stays with the children while the other goes to work. The only difference is that the children have two dads. In society today gay marriage is not widely accepted, nor is the idea of a same sex family. This is due to the lag in cultural change. The same sex marriage community is a minority that challenges social norms. Because the change is so different, not all Americans have time to adjust to the idea and integrate. Creating challenges for the same sex community, like the

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