Sociology Of Family

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A group of related people including people who lived in the past. This is the definition of family according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. The strange thing about the definition of family it can mean many different things to different people. Some people think that a friend can be family, where others believe that family must be blood relatives, and share the same heritage. In this chapter in sociology, as a class we discussed all the different names and types of families. Ranging from endogamy, exogamy, monogamy, polygamy. This chapter also shared insight onto how different cultures betray families. That is why I choose to write this paper over families, because before I took this class, I did not know how families can differ so much, and how much has changed over time. …show more content…
It is a dad, mom, a couple kids and a dog. Families like the “American dream” are actually called nuclear families. This is the typical family a person would find back in the day, when divorce rates were lower, marrying at a younger age was more acceptable, and starting family’s young was a norm. Now, most would see a divorce family, remarried and with step-brother and sisters, or a family with just a mom or dad, and some people decided not to have a family because of career goals. It is still seen today, some families still have a nuclear family, but it coming less and less popular. “Divorce rates seem to have stabilized over the past decade or so with about 90 percent of marriages of marriages making it to the five-year mark and 70 percent making it to 15 years; then, another 1 percent of marriages dissolve each year after that, whether by divorce or death (456).” This quote helps shows that divorce is become more common, and the typical nuclear family is becoming a thing of the

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