The Changes During The Colonization Of North America Essay

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The introduction briefly explains the material which will be covered in the following sections. It states the North American continent went through a radical period during 1450 to 1750. This was the time when Native Americans encountered European immigrants. As slavery was established, the color of people’s skin became the determining factor for their status.
Later came the British colonies. During the 1600s the colonization of North America began, which were later known as the first thirteen colonies. Jamestown was the first settlement established in Virginia in the year 1607. Then Massachusetts was next and so on until the thirteen were established. When this began to occur English settlers did not really interact with Native Americans. Yet, their relationship was not in good terms and was rather unfriendly. During 1619 Africans were imported into North America. In the beginning, Africans were indentured servants, whom were all eventually freed after serving several years. Eventually this changed for the worse. This was the time when the slavery system was established. Massachusetts was the first to recognize slavery in 1641. This meant Africans and African Americans could never obtain their freedom and would have to work their entire lives. In 1750, Georgia was the last to legalize slavery.
The origins of slavery are explored in the section about Europeans going to the West. Slavery did not actually begin in the settlements. It actually began 50 years before Columbus…

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