Jamestown Colony Research Paper

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In this essay we will be taking a look at the English who founded the Jamestown colony in North America in May 1607. Also at what happened in the colony in its first century. Also, who were the main players from 1607 to 1700? Finally, we will look at how did the rise of tobacco give rise to race based African slavery in the colony by 1700. No doubt that the settlement at Jamestown is of great importance to the U.S history being that it underway development for new society, which we will learn more of subsequently.
Let’s first take a look at the English who founded the Jamestown colony in North America in May 1607. The English who founded the Jamestown sailed from England in three ships, the location of the settlement was chosen primarily
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1618 it was announcing that any colonist that could pay for their fair to America, they would be awarded 50 acres, also I they paid for other colonist they would be awarded 50 acres as well. Therefore, in 1619 the first 20 black people arrived in a Dutch ship, the beginning of slave owning. English people were attracted North America due to England’s poor economy and overpopulation, moving to America provided the English with hope, they believed there would be opportunities to own land, to be free, not to mention many criminals also believed that in America they would have a second chance for a better life. Even though they encounter with many struggles in the New World, we currently can testify that America is the land of better opportunities and it all began with a decision that was taken hundreds or years in England, for the same reasons as then many emigrants still looking for a better life. Resulting the ideas that America would be a better place to live, in 1623 the royal letter approved the recruitment of emigrants to New England with the promised that any settler could become owner of 200 acres of land. The proposition of the royal letter provided the English with economic, freedom, and it gave them an opportunity to provided form their future generations, something that was unlikely to happen back in England. Also, …show more content…
Sadly, like slaves indentured servants could be sold, however, unlike slaves indenture servants could be free after paying the debt. In 1644 after the last rebellion with Native Americans caused 500 colonist death, Virginia forced an agreement with the lingering coastal Indians which mandate them to move reservations west and to not enter English territory.
Subsequently in in 1676 Bacon’s rebellion takes place, which was a battle within the Virginia elite. The leader of the rebellion was Nathaniel Bacon who was a rich planter, his followers where as well rich men. Bacons purposes were to remove all Indians from the colony, he also wanted to reduce taxes at a hash time during a recession and finally he wanted to end the rule by grandees, this made him popular among some Africans, indenture servant and landless people. Bacon also sworn freedom to his supporters, he then marched to Jamestown and burned it to the grounds, assuming leadership of

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