The Changes And Challenges Of The 1950s Essay

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The changes and challenges of the 1950s made for a monumental impact on decades to come. The 1950’s were an era of prosperity, growth, and chaos in the United States; men were returning from World War 2 and many new babies were born. Consumer goods played an important role in middle-class life during the postwar era. The economy of the 1950’s saw major changes, which in turn transformed the lives of the American people. Significant movements, inventions, and discoveries changed American lives for the better. The social, economic, and cultural impact of these years helped to create a widespread sense of stability, contentment and consensus in the United States.
The tension between the United States and the Soviet Union was a defining element of the 1950s. Following the end of World War II, America became almost superstitious of communism, thus beginning the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union. After World War II, Western leaders began to worry that the USSR had “expansive tendencies.” They believed that the spread of communism anywhere threatened democracy and capitalism everywhere. Many people in the United States worried that communists, or “subversives,” could destroy American society from the inside as well as from the outside. As a result, communism needed to be “contained,” by threats or by force. This idea shaped American foreign policy for decades. It shaped domestic policy as well. The economy had rebounded during World War 2. The country now had to…

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