The Change Processes Between The Two Merger Events Essay

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1. Compare and contrast the implemented change processes between the two merger events.

There are significant differences between the two merger events. They were approached with completely separate tactics. As the case states, the initial PS merger closely followed the Kotter’s process which is an eight step system for leading change. Whereas, the PU merger hardly followed any of those steps.
The PS merger had an effective system of communication. All members had a knowledge of what was happening in between the two companies. The management team promoted an environment of excited about what was to come, and constantly reminded everyone about the celebration that was to applaud their success. They chose management based on a systematic approach, and for those who would not have a place in the new company, PS made sure to compensate them well for their time. The PS merger was a match made in heaven.
On the other hand, the PU merger was quite the opposite. The two companies had more differences than they did similarities. Communication was not made available to everyone and there was no clear goal of what was being accomplished. Training was not adequate nor was the compensation for the key personnel who had to leave the company. The entire process was rushed and dysfunctional, and not setup for a positive outcome.
However, they did have a handful of similarities. Such as, the both where after and achieved a common goal. They were taking both companies’ resources and using…

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