The Central Park Five Essay

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The Central Park Five is a documentary film that talk about five young men that were involved in a rape case. A white woman was raped and left for dead in the central park in 1989. The group of teenagers were charged and convicted for assault, robbery, rape, sexual abuse, and attempted murder, which is known as the infamous crime as The Central Park Jogger in New York City. Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, and Kharey Wise served sentences between five to thirteen years. From the beginning I knew that the boys are all innocent, however the police think in an unexpected way, even though the detective did not had evidence against them. The police were responsible for the traumatic events that these innocent boys had to face due to the manipulative of the declaration that incriminate themselves, racial profiling and the lack of effort.

The NYPD officers didn 't let the boys know their rights, and just took them in custody and took them to the Central Park Police Station for interrogation, but before the police officers’ had all five teenager, one of the teenager said that the police officers arrested him without accessed to his parents and guardians in which it is illegal. When the officers started to interrogate the teenagers one by one, for more than twenty hours without eating, drinking and sleeping and none of the parent were present when the police officers’ were interrogating these adolescents. Also the police officers didn 't allow a…

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