Analyze The Causes Of The American Revolution Research Paper

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The American Revolution was a time of freedom and new revolutionary ideas that would reshape the world as we know it. Many men died on each side, but Britain suffered the most casualties because they did not want to lose the colonies. Britain needed the colonies for financial support, they had been at war with France for thirty years, Britain’s treasury was in need of funds. Britain could not support itself sufficiently financially without raising taxes of their citizens to the point of starvation. After 8 years of war, Britain had to give up on their American colonies because they overtaxed their citizens. As the disparity between the Colonists and the British grew war went from a far-out concept to a likely outcome that would fix the colonies. Some of the major events leading up to the revolution were, the French and Indian War, the Sugar Act, Patrick Henry’s “if this be treason speech”, the Stamp Act, and the First Continental Congress, each of these events lead to the eventual rise of the revolutionary ideas that would change the Townshend acts, the Boston Massacre, the Boston tea party, and both the World and the Colonies for the better.

After having been taxed relentlessly, Patrick Henry took action by pushing for
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The war had two different names, in America and France the Indian War, and in Europe it was known as the 7 years’ war because the fighting lasted from 1756 to 1763. After the French and Indian War, the British decided to reconsider their relationship with the Colonies. Before the French and Indian War, Britain had loosely controlled its’ Colonies. British leaders regarded the Colonial government as inferior. So as long as only few serious conflicts between Britain and America occurred, Britain would allow the Colonial assemblies to pass new laws. Giving the Colonies power to govern locally, better fit for the unique needs of the

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