Essay The Causes Of Eating Disorders

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There are countless on-going debates about the subject nature versus nurture; do genes cause our behaviour; or is it shaped by environmental factors. When considering eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, the balance between nature and nurture is what can cause these problems. An eating disorder associates a person’s eating behaviors; attitudes towards weight, food, and the way an individual views their body shape; and many other psychological aspects. (Benblatt, 2015) It is usually an illness cause by issues in a person’s life, like complications with relationships, family, friends, or school. It often arise during a person’s miserable part of life, and with all the changes happening, the person may desire to gain control of his or her life and that part could be the body. Eating disorders are complex illnesses that mature over a period of time; some of these eating disorders can include anorexia nervosa, which is a type of intentional starvation and bulimia nervosa is by controlling weight through purging and bingeing. The causes of eating disorders are complex, however, environmental stimuli can triggers such disorders to arise, issues like parenting, and media problems and trauma play a significant role into why an individual may encounter such disorders in their lifetime. (Benblatt, 2015)
Eating disorder symptoms can be linked with demanding and permissive parenting styles. Parents are the strongest influence over a child; they are the ones a child first…

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