The Causes Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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The Causes of Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity in America has exponentially increased throughout time. Various unhealthy foods plague our society, and their cheap price and easy accessibility gives them power. These foods are marketed towards children and adults alike, however the sweeter snacks are mainly geared towards children. The main causes of childhood obesity are calorically dense foods with low prices and trouble-free accessibility, and marketing ploys used to outwit customers and consumers alike.
As mentioned previously, the costs of sugar loaded calorically dense foods are effectively cheap. Marketed mainly towards children, kids fall susceptible to flashy advertisements of unhealthy foods and are stuck in a loop of continuously buying these cheap foods, despite not knowing what’s in them or if there are better alternatives. This is not only apparent within restaurants and stores, but within schools too. Once again, the low prices of the unhealthy food options are consistently affordable; Affordability isn’t necessarily a problem per se, but a wider array of calorically dense foods as opposed to healthier options, coupled with affordability is a “recipe for disaster” in the long run,
Marketing ploys, a tactic used by marketers to give a product “buzz” by drawing attention to said product through emotional appeals, ethical appeals, and logical appeals in an attempt to outwit the buyer, have been around for a very long time. Use of these tactics is malicious in…

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