The Causes, Consequences, And Reasons For Female Infanticide Essay

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The Causes, Consequences, and Reasons for Female Infanticide in China Female infanticide is a great problem in China today where many women and children are being affected. People around the world are being affected by adopting many of these young girls. One forth of adoptions comes from China and almost all are girls (China’s Lost Girls). The term female infanticide means the act of getting rid of your female child/fetus whether that is by means of abandonment, abortion, or killing shortly after birth. Many people in China are affected by many causes for female infanticide and although they know the terrible consequences people still abandon, abort, and even kill their female infants because of the fear of losing their marriage, tradition, and religious customs.
Feel the need to…
Families in China are still committing female infanticide due to reasons of tradition, religion, economy, and government policies,

Why it is still happening
There are many causes that make families commit these crimes against female children including women being devalued and government policies. In the Chinese tradition when the female marries out of the family great disadvantages to the parents arise. When a daughter married it, “signified a crucial break with her natal parents: she now owned superior filial duties to her parents-in-law; … she could not care for her natal parents in their old age” (Jimmerson 52). Parents want to secure their good future with having a boy,…

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