The Causes And Effects Of Bullying In The School

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Kids Play many roles in bullying, they can be the victim, the perpetrator, or just a witness to the madness. In this essay you will be informed of some causes and effects of bullying in the school system and also some causes and effect of cyber-bullying. You will be informed on how often females students experience bullying psychologically and physically compared to male students. This essay will inform you on how important it is to pay close attention to your children and to be mindful and to inform your children of the dangerous role that bullying may play in their life.

Bullying is a repeated hostile behavior towards an individual who cannot properly defend their selves, this can be direct or indirect. One cause of bullying may be living
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They pull others down into to misery and pull themselves out of misery. They begin to feel power by bullying others. Bullies turn their anger on people who are weaker than them. Excessive fighting at home can also be the cause of a child to bully others at school. Parents getting divorced may even a close family member suffering from an addiction or alcohol problem. Bullies never bother the kids who will stand up to them. Bullying victims are usually unpopular in school. Bullies are often jealous of or frustrated with the person they are bullying, or maybe just seeking …show more content…
Most kids who bully have bad grades and low self-esteem and health problems. These problems don’t just effect the victim they also affect the bully and people who may witness bullying. Kids who bully may engage in early sexual activity, they may have criminal convictions and traffic violations as adults. They may even abuse their romantic partners, spouses or children and then the cycle may continue. Bullying is a never ending cycle that is eating away at this world. It’s something like a cancer and if the problem is not taken care of it just grows and eats away at all the good there is. Most people don’t say anything about it until it really gets out of hand. Bullying should be addressed at a very early age, reason being is people kids are dying. Not just physically but mentally, depression and anxiety are taking lives, they have been for so many years now. Bullying steals kills joy and any hope for a better tomorrow. Children are dreading going to school because they are afraid of their

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