The Cause, Causes Of Anxiety

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In the United States the most prevalent form of mental illness is anxiety, according to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America. “Anxiety is feeling of dread that results from repressed feeling, memories, desires, and experience that emerge to surface of awareness “(Corey, G. (2013). There were 19 million grown-up of the years; 18 and elderly grown-up are afflicted by stress. Cause of anxiety that occur in all cultures. The impact of anxiety affects our behaviors in our environment causing anxiety disorders, producing physical symptoms, and the need to seek various treatments.
However, environment factors can contribute to the process of anxiety. Therefore, the factors in this phenomenon Americans are keeping up with the Jones or Normalcy
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Freud viewpoint supposes a cure is based on discovering the meaning of the symptoms, causes of behavior and restrain from materials that prevent one from a healthy functioning. When unhealthy functioning is not prevented from this restrain materials anxiety behavior disorder and physical symptoms can occur. Anxiety is an emotion which alters into physical symptoms including headaches, sweating, and a dry mouth with twitching and …show more content…
Anxiety has numerous types of disorders that occur, such as Panic Disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias and generalized Anxiety Disorder. Examples of these disorders are Panic disorders are panics attack that abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort reaching a high peak in minutes. This disorder produces symptoms of shaking, chest pain or discomfort and feeling dizzy.

In contrast to panic disorder (GAD) generalized anxiety disorder is characterized as a persistent, excessive and unrealistic worry about everything. Usually when a person worries about everyday problems for at least six months they are diagnosed with GAD.
GAD affects 6.8 million adults in the United States with woman subsequently being afflicted twice than men. GAD symptom manifest itself in alternate ways with muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and edginess. Therefore an adult who has GAD in fact develops depression and depression is generally related to GAD. In essence people with GAD can function socially and be gainfully employed. Although in stressful situation they avoid due to their disorder. Basically anxiety has no known cause but there are certain elements sharing in the role such as genetics, too much stress, life problems, medical drugs/

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