The Cause And Effect After The First Oil Field Essay

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The Cause and Effect After the First Oil Field was Discovered in China During 1950s, Chinese had a great change, especially in industry economic part, that let person can’t help to figure out the reasons which hiding behind and how Chinese government develop their own industry starting from nothing. Getting back to the time when Chinese government just has been set up, the country is backward in every parts especially in economy and technique part, also Chinese have nothing with truly industry product just some simple handmade goods from family workshop, this mode of production is very primitive and without any quality assurance, thus, the government need developed manufacture and the foundation of national economy badly in this times. However in 1950s the industry and economy develop can not work without petroleum’s help and China is one of the country which lack of oil source in mid-20th century. This situation alert the Chinese government to the need to solve this problem The oil searching and oil exploitation has become the first thing which the government need to solve. This article will talk about the effect and cause when the oil field discovered in China and discuss the benefits of them. Oil resources occupies an extremely important position in national economy and people 's life, it is the indispensability natural resource for the mankind existence, society progress and modern civilisation .In the modern civilized society, if the world…

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