Essay about The Catholic And Catholic Church

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Religion was very important to the Europeans and the Roman Catholic church was the main religion for awhile till people began to want to question and determine their own understanding lead a division between Roman Catholic and Protestant. Because of Reformation from Henry VIII, Martin Luther’s 95 thesis, and John Calvin doctrines during the 15th and 16th century people in what is known as the Great Migration decided to venture into america that they could freely express their religion and theology, which influenced the culture, government, and society.
Henry VII was the first tudor to rule in 1485 and then handed off the crown to Henry III in hopes that he would seal a marital alliance with Spain. During the late 16th century, Spain and England formed a competitive and hostile relationship due to political, religious, and territorial causes. To create peace between the two countries Henry VII set up an arrange marriage with the King of Spain 's niece, Catherine. They were married for a while but she did not produce a male heir, which was very important to Henry if he were to die. He soon found another woman to warm his bed, and wanted a new wife. To get a divorce he petitioned Pope Clement VIII but was declined. So Henry decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming the ruler of the church of england. Reformation did not sit well with Spain and France because England was no longer identified as Roman Catholic but Protestant. This heightened the…

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