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Foundations in English Literary studies (ENG1501)
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Assignment 2: Fiction, Literary Criticism and Drama.
Question (b): Introduction to English Literary Studies
Topic(i): The Catcher in the Rye Instruction
First read the third chapter of Introduction to English Literary Studies (“The Novel”). Then go to p. 102 and answer the questions on The Catcher in the Rye under the heading “Time to Write”.
Write a list of things that Holden says in the first paragraph of the novel and on pages 5-6 that strike you as interesting or as holding some clue to what is to come in his tale.

Write a page explaining what is achieved by the “Flashback” technique of looking back on events that have already happened.
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This is known as non sequiturs. At first this causes the reader to be confused and is slightly difficult to read. Nevertheless it continues throughout the novel and therefore becomes easier to read and understand the use of non sequiturs. The language style in the novel is colloquial, humorous and intimate. Holden’s language takes you in and keeps drawing you in to his experience as he addresses the reader as ‘you’ this can be seen as intimacy in his language.

Pages 5-6 gives the reader an idea that there is an inner conflict. We see this when Holden is being expelled from school and goes to say good bye to his one teacher. He does this moments after exclaiming all the negativity about school, education and it’s “phoney” teachers. The reader can begin to assume that the main character feels all this negativity and exaggerates how he does not care but in true reality all he wants is to care, be accepted and to be cared for. In addition these pages begin to show the reader that a flashback technique is used and his tale begins to take form.

Part 2
The flashback technique is often used in movies where one of the characters will be remembering something or telling a story of a past event. Likewise the use of the technique is used in novels as well. We can see this technique is used in The Catcher in the Rye because Holden is telling the reader a story of an events that has already occurred. The flashback technique is a very powerful and successful

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