The Case, Ronald Lee Wilson Vs. The State Of Texas Essay

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Deception has always been frowned upon and looked at as a negative quality for anyone in our society. This characteristic is often associated with being dishonest which is a phenomenon that is often times linked to those who are considered to be less than upstanding citizens in our country. Despite the overwhelming majority of individuals believing in the deception and dishonest behavior being negative qualities, when these qualities are linked or associated with the government and/or law enforcement officers, there seems to be mixed opinions. Recently, a Texas criminal court case brought this into the public’s attention. A conviction of a murder suspect would get overturned as a result of deceptive practices by the investigating detective. The following will elaborate further on this particular criminal case and discuss how my attitudes regarding the incident that occurred.
The case, Ronald Lee Wilson vs. the State of Texas, occurred in courts over the course of a number of years since appeals required the defendant to appear in court more than once. However, the actual crime that led to the case in the first place occurred back in the year 2006. To be specific, it involved a murder that occurred on the first day of the year on the New Year holiday. According to the research reviewed, the case involves a man who was accused of killing another man during the course of a gun sale or robbery. The data reveals, “Police found the body of Amos Anguiano Gutierrez, 24, in an vacant…

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