The Case Of The Great Gatsby Essay

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The main message of the story, as outlined in the thesis, becomes apparent near the end of the movie, through the use of powerful symbolism that can be understood using Carl Jung’s theory of the “archetype” (Nye 2008, 136). Jung’s theory states that there are some “fundamental symbols with meanings and associations” (Nye 2008, 134) shared universally, or by all human beings. In the case of The Great Gatsby, I will focus on only the people within the “universe” of the book, i.e. the analysis of symbols and the people’s beliefs in them exist only within the Valley of Ashes (outskirts of New York City). There are many important symbols in the book, but one symbol stands out, because it is what helps us understand the theme of the story. There is a huge billboard situated in the middle of the Valley of Ashes, a “dumping ground” for the city, where coal mines operate and soot, disease and despair look over the people residing in it. This billboard has the face of Dr. T.J Eckelberg, an optometrist who once had his practice there, but left and abandoned the sign. This rotting sign, with a picture of giant bespectacled eyes, watches the activity down below. The deteriorating state of the billboard says something about the horrid conditions of the people living in that part of town, but perhaps the most significant idea it represents is that these eyes look down upon the people like the “eyes of God”. It has been mentioned by various characters in the book that the eyes of the doctor…

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