The Case Of Diamond Gang Essay

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We all very well know, that the decision to engage into the gang activity of each member based on a set of differents reasons, however, if we will take the most frequent reason we can say that “economic factors” play the primordial role into their strong engagement. (Levitt and Venkatesh, 2000) Drugs are a common and also most frequent activity among gangs, and also a reason of their permanent violent disputes, related to the territory, market control. On the other hand, violence may develop as a response to violence into the initially not violent group.
Like in case of Diamond gang, initially constructed in common interests for music, after the accidental murder of one of its members the group has been transformed into a violent gang, and “[m]oney making through drug dealing came to represent the gang chief activity”. ( Padilla, 2006).

It s sure that drug activity automaticy imply violence in the every day life of a gang.
Like also underlined Padilla (2006) The members of a gang, join the group because in search to earn enough money to support themselves and their families, because they beleive that conventioal activities won 't be able to provide them with the same conditions. Also, they want to be useful at their new job, and use their skils, like communicational and negociation.
Those are the reasons of individual members to decide to join gang, while in oposite the reasons of gang entity construction and exsistence are somehow differents, like said Levitt and…

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