The Carl Think Sociology Textbook, Deviance Is The Violation Of Norms That Society Agrees Upon

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In the Carl Think Sociology textbook, “Deviance is the violation of norms that society agrees upon” (Carl Sociology, Chapter 13, pg. 228). An example of this would be individuals who decide to get tattoos on their body. This act might be considered deviant to certain parts of a society, however; it is not illegal to get tattoos on the body. Another example that would be considered deviant would be certain lyrics in music. In our society when it comes to music there are many songs that are considered deviant. Many songs talk about drugs, sex, and also killing. These types of songs would be considered deviant behavior. In our society, it is not illegal to talk about them even though it would be considered deviant to talk in this type of manner. However; it is illegal and against the law to commit these crimes. Once these crimes are committed, an individual would be considered deviant because he or she showed deviant behavior when they decided to break the law. In this essay, I will be expressing deviant behavior within our society’s music. Although, there are plenty of songs out there that would be a great example of deviant behavior; I will only be talking about the one song that I have found. In the song, “High all the time” by 50 cent would be considered deviant behavior in certain parts of the society. Even though, this behavior would be considered deviant, it would not be against the law to talk about. It would only be against the law to commit this crime and to have an…

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