The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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Recently we viewed the story The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The setting of the story takes off at Tabard Inn in Southwark (London). The General Prologue opened the readers to 29 pilgrims. These pilgrims were about to set off on a Spring pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Thomas Becket in Canterbury. Chaucer then chooses to accompany them on the pilgrimage. On the way to Canterbury there is a story telling contest. The winner 's prize is a paid for dinner by all the other pilgrims. In the tales Chaucer makes remarks about noble corruption. He gives readers a taste of social order. Back in the Middle Ages the Social Anecdote was a huge ordeal. It was said that the class was not set up by the kings but from God himself. Going more into depth Chaucer uses the tales such as The Pardoner and The Wife of Bath to give the reader a prime example of social anecdote back in the Middle Ages. Going forth with "The Pardoners Tale" Chaucer gives you a taste of the social order because the Pardoner is a part of the clergy (church). Back in the Medieval Church, a pardoner was considered a clergyman. That being said he had the capability to condone sins and award indulgences. This was powered to them by the Pope himself. These assets were not to be sold, but with greedy clergymen around they overpowered the scared people and urged for money. After selling off these indulgences the Pardoner would then pocket the money. Chaucer 's Pardoner stated "And thus I preach against the very…

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