Essay on The Canadian Museum Of Science And Technology

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The ENIAC was the first electronic general purpose computer capable of solving complicated large programs. It boasted the ability to be reprogrammed at will and be used to solve any program inputted. Its applications extended well over solving simple calculations to much more sensitive data such as military uses. However, its first actual purpose was its role in the Manhattan project or better well known as the first nuclear weapon program. It even sparked a technological revolution that paved the way for the foundation of the computer industry through later computer inventions such as the EDVAC and several others. As a result, the ENIAC’s roles in military conquests and further applications provides it with a rich historical significance for its time period. The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology should portray the ENIAC as an exhibition due to its involvement throughout human history and the effect it has had on the technological revolution that surrounds society. One of its first initial uses for The ENIAC was as a basic calculator for the military. It would perform calculations in just under 30 seconds. This information helped artillerymen where to aim their weapons on the battlefield. Prior to the dawn of digital age, the military would do calculations by hand that took up to twelve hours. With such advances in military capability thanks to the upcoming digital age, people began to wonder what other services The ENIAC could provide. This ultimately led way to…

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