Essay about The Campaign Of Modern Campaign

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In modern campaign run in today’s world, candidates must find new and unique ways to connect with United States’ citizens. In United States, the campaign run of 2016, started off and continues to show a shift in issues citizens find currently find important. The campaign of 2016, has certainly been unique for who ran and continue to run for the nominee seat. There are some veterans such as Hilary Rodham Clinton and some new to the race such as Ben Carlson. The Republican Nomination for 2016 more than Democrat’s has brought a large spectrum of different candidates with varies rhetoric and stances on issues to the public eye. An individual that stood out greatly against the grain was no one other than Donald John Trump. Trump’s work with The Apprentice did help to get his face known in the public, but may not the reason he attained a large support on the campaign trail. More factors could also contribute to how well his campaign. Trump contain some traits such as an appeal to voters through his rhetoric, an association with the republican party, and utilization of social media. Trump’s effective usage of these two methods allowed him to become the Republican Nominee.
Trump’s appearance on social media gave potential voters a sense of location of where they know him prior to running for the presidential office. Donald Trump’s television show, The Apprentice, depicts many of the similar skills and traits the Republican Nominee implement into his campaign strategy. The nominee…

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