The Calling of Katie Makanya Essay

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The Calling of Katie Makanya

Around the time of Katie Makanya’s childhood, South Africa was beginning to change rapidly due to the discovery of diamonds, which ultimately kept bringing Europeans into their territory causing their cultures and race to blend together. This book illustrates the black South African life that Katie lives and how she uneasily adapts to the incoming European culture during those years of colonization. Although Katie was brought up with a strong sense of her native culture we see that in the beginning of the book Katie seems to be curious of what European culture is like. Katie and her sister get the opportunity the visit England to perform in their choir, The Jubilees. Before her departure Katie was excited
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McCord because she saw how kind and sympathetic he was towards his patients, but most of all how concerned he was with his African patients. She stayed and helped him because she knew more about her people and the Zulus than he did and she was this as her opportunity to do good by being his translator and helping him understand her people while. Right away she knew that this was her “calling”, to help Dr. McCord spread his medicine among Africans.
Katie Makanya experienced her fair share of European culture but it was ultimately her decision on whether or not she would adapt to these changes in her country or adopt them. Her memoir serves as an important piece of evidence to the transformation of European colonialism and which aspects of European culture she accepted in her life and other parts that she rejected. No matter what influences European life had on her we see that she was always true to herself and had confidence in the way she was brought up. Towards the end of her life Katie finally discovered her self-definition, living her own life by her own standards, which in the end enabled her to feel comfortable in helping spread Western Culture for its

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