The, By Henry Turner Essay

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Which part of your personality is most prominent? Freud suggests that everyone has a large unconscious, and that there are three parts of each person’s personality. The id controls what one finds pleasurable, the ego rationalizes one’s thoughts, and the superego decides what is morally right. In the movie Regarding Henry, Henry Turner’s life is dramatically changed when he is shot while attempting to buy some much desired cigarettes. He awakes in a hospital to find his memory gone, along with control over most of his body. He and his physical therapist, Bradley, become close while he recovers. He finds his prior life as a top lawyer to be wrongful, and struggles to find how he could be such a person as he was. Henry’s natural state is proven to be the id, but while he learns about what is accepted as right, his superego kicks in. To begin, the id is the part of the brain that decides one’s instinctual or biological urges. Since Henry came out of his accident with little knowledge about his past life, he does not remember what he has been taught what is acceptable in society. Because of this, his id gets the best of him. A good example of this is when Bradley tells him that he is to go home, and out of spite he throws a temper tantrum, refusing to go. The average adult would be able to accept that fact that this is a requirement of him, get over it and move on. However, Henry has not relearned how this is supposed to work, so he throws a fit as a toddler would.…

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